Things to be considered while posting your resume online

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A jobseeker need to get consider many things while applying for a job position and it is as easy as clicking on mouse on your computer. Spacing your resume online may not a safest move but it places your resume out of confidential and exposes you to thieves and identity risks. Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the tough job market and pinning on scams of latest job scams.


Scammers are looking for the kind of information you have furnished on your profile and they can grab the data that taken out of you. Follow below tips when you share your profile on online:

Don't provide personal information:Experts advice that never includes your social security number, your driver's license number, your age, your address or financial information. Just mention your city or region as address and you are not required to mention the current employer name if you don't want to mention their name.

Give your job search email ID:Set up a job search email to search jobs and use it only for job hunting. This way you can escape from getting spam mails to your personal mail id and you are also able to track emails related to the job search only.

Track you resume frequently:Maintain a spreadsheet or even a simple Microsoft Word document to keep track the information that where you've posted your resume. Get to know about the email service providers who spread your resume to thousands of job boards. If you have distributed that information you will have no control about that.

Give limited references:Give limited contact information for the references you have provided and don't make others personal information at risk.

Go through the privacy policy:Go through the privacy policy of job boards and do periodical review of them.

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