The interview is done, next what?

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The thank you note is an important element in any job hunt but it can be sent by email, snail mail, handwritten or typed. Following guidelines will help you get through the interview.

Email thank you notes: How did the company initially contact you when you’ve send all correspondence with them via email for setting up the interview and answering questions. Then send an email thank you note once you return from an interview.Email thank you note have one advantage over snail mail that you can project your name in front of interviewers on the same day and sometimes within hours

interview is done, next what?

Snail Mail: The Company which you have attended the interview is formal and traditional then send a snail mail to send thank you note. Rather than using handwritten, typed is a standard format. Handwritten notes are useful if you’d like to convey your thanks to others in the office who helped you out. For example, if a receptionist, assistant, office manager, or other person who involved in the interview process will be helpful and a handwritten note is a nice gesture to show your appreciation.

What to write/say?

A standard thank you note should include following things:

• Thank the related person for creating opportunity to interview with the company.

• Mention some important highlights of the conversation.

• Mention the required information to check on for the interviewer.

• You can mention in the last paragraph as the chance to state, "The job is a good fit for me because of XYZ, and my past experience in XYZ.

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