The Future of Performance Management System

Posted on 30th Apr 2017 | 1319 views

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Recent survey mentioned that most employers redefining their performance appraisal processes with innovative systems. Many organizations have already made changes to their traditional bell curve systems as well as following innovative methods as per their organization culture and objectives.


  • Use of traditional performance ratings will decline further: Recent studies have suggested that performance ratings lead to lower levels of motivation and proven negativity on performance. Hence companies are providing regular feedbacks for employees over out dated rating systems.
  • Use of online performance management software and apps: Nowadays, many companies are using performance management software to enhance the efficiency of the HR. These cloud solutions are providing improved results in HR functions and processes.
  • Increasing impact of social media: As we know social media has great impact on recruitment sector as well as performance management also. HR leaders always use social media interfaces as user friendly as possible. Real time software will provide constant feedback and frequent updates between managers and co workers.
  • More scrutiny on gender bias in performance management: Gender diversity is another issue not openly talked yet. But many organizations are not highlighting aspect and it is anticipated that HR will gradually focus on this issue while making performance reviews in future.
  • Personal development will become important: Personal development is another issue which has been implemented in the performance management process. If it is implemented there will be improvement in the efficiency of performance management process.
  • Shorter-term objectives rather than long-term: To abolish the traditional rating systems companies are setting innovative objectives in regular frames. Performance is monitored on regular basis rather than monitoring on annual basis.
  • In-the-moment feedback will be practiced: Instead of providing feedback for end of year, managers and coworkers are encouraged to provide immediate feedback, whether it is negative or positive in nature.

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