The Evolution of Staffing Solutions Industry

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DID YOU KNOW? Housewives in United States began to get employed in urban areas for part time jobs witnessing the birth of staffing solutions after the World war-2 came to an end.


Back in the Late 70s: Back in the 70s companies in staffing sector were called as job shops. Unlike today, the staffing industry in the late 70s and early 80s was less significant in size yet specialized. During those years, most job shoppers were software engineers, technicians, drafters, designers, electrical, mechanical and nuclear engineers- the category was mainly technical. Majorly in the defense and aerospace sector many people were hired as temporary employees for bigger projects and after project completion the jobs would go away leaving the employees search for another job.

No Cell Phones, No Computers, What was happening in the Staffing Solutions Industry?: Early years of 1940s the temporary staffing sector actually was a challenging time for the staffing recruiters. Where there were no office electronics and machines like laser or inkjet printers for holding maximum number of index files. The entire process of forwarding resumes to recruiters was usually 10 to 20 minutes considering the speed of the fax machines. But now a days staffing solutions provider can pull off a resume and send it to the recruiter with in 10 to 20 seconds.

EVOLUTION OF INTERNET, ADVANCEMENT IN THE STAFFING INDUSTRY: With the exponential rise and growth owing to the increased requirement for expertise technical recruiters the staffing industry discovered that a large number of recruiter trainees were searching jobs and those who were employed were working for long hours and were getting paid less. With the evolution of internet the retail workers transformed into sales and the development in recruitment is what we see now. The recruitment sector then began to offer job offers for sales candidates who can travel to sell products and earn money with a decent pay and designation. In the middle of 1980s temporary staffing companies began to extend their services to various sectors along with technical sector.

COMING BACK TO PRESENT: Present days most of recruiting tasks inculcate on internet marketing strategies and wait for the result. While the early source of candidates was referrals, steel file cabinets and newspaper ads, advancements in HR technology has brought a thunder to the recruitment business. Applicant Tracking System, Career sites, Candidate sourcing tool are some of the general platforms which are being selected by a growing number of companies. The tasks of a recruiter are still numerous but staffing companies have recognized their place as a valuable helping hand to the employers looking out for best talent in least time.

Employer Benefits of Staffing Solutions Today:

  • Diverse workforce
  • Advantage in times of emergencies like maternity or holiday leave, sudden leaving of employee.
  • Faster results
  • Time saving
  • Reduced cost of recruiting
  • A higher level of recruiting expertise
  • Larger network of candidates

Winding up:The monarchy of staffing and recruiting continues to grow each passing year and innumerous of job-seekers get the profit of finding their dream jobs. Temporary staffing agencies play a crucial role in bridging the gap between the modern job-seekers and employers to help them find the best match.

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