The 12-Step Plan to a Successful Career Change

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If you are stuck in a job that doesn't provide suitable career opportunities then it's time to switch into a different industry, field or position. The situation may be different like losing interest in current job or you've discovered a new interest in different filed. To be successful at whatever you do you need to change the way. Here are some important steps to follow to consider a career change.

The 12-Step Plan to a Successful Career Change

  • Discover What You Truly Enjoy: List out your likes, dislikes and career interests. You can avoid some careers which may have the obstacles. Then ask yourself that What do I get excited about doing? or What's something I spend my free time thinking about or doing questions choose a question based on these questions.
  • List out the careers that satisfy your passions: Once you're sure about your passions and interests then search for the careers that satisfy your needs. Here combine your skills with your passion to create an ideal career.
  • Research the careers in your list: Once you've finalized your dream careers then start researching about the industry. Learn something about the searched information before you apply.
  • Take the right decision: After this brainstorming session you take a decision, specify a career or industry to achieve a goal.
  • Develop an Action Plan: Now, develop an action plan that can be with measurable goals, action items and keywords. Learn from career to career to find your dream job quickly.
  • Adjust Your Personal Brand: Your online portfolio should indicate that which industry you belong to now, not your previous job. This step also includes knowing more about you with adjusting your resume, cover letter and portfolio. Use functional or skill based resume with Wisdom Jobs Resume services.

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