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Applying for jobs is most important thing in winning job search but it is also important to invest time for each job application you apply. Even the most efficient resume also need to be fine tuned at some point and required modification for each job application. It is important to customize your CV for each job application in order to win the hearts of recruiters. Most of the employers will appreciate if you could apply with a customized resume for the posted jobs. Below three important key points are needed to be considered while customizing your resume.


Use proper language:The primary part of resume customization is that make ensure your resume contains the same language found in job advertisement. Recruiters spend few seconds time on each resume and it is most important to grab the attention of reviewers in that specific time. Most of the HR people are not aware of their business completely and they will try to match with the keywords they have in job advertisements. So, it is important to customize your resume to be understood by a Jr. Recruiter also.

Optimization with keywords:Optimize your resume with different keywords matching your industry where you want to apply for jobs. Prepare different resumes and customize them in order to change the language of your resume when you are applying for jobs every time.

Add important details:Another way to customize your resume for a specific job posting is to construct the resume as per the requirement of job posting and advertisement sections. If the job ad demands particular academic qualifications then mention clearly that you are equally qualified with required certification on specific skill set. Employers always match their job advertisement. It is most important to keep a standard resume for each industry when you are applying. Adjust the keywords and sections as per the order of the need.

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