Some Facts about Work from Home

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"The quality of your work, in the long run, is the deciding factor on how much your services are valued by the world"-Orison Swett Marden

I. Work from home and its importance?


Work from home is gaining prominent place in the job market due to the changing circumstances and needs of the employees. Once you gain experience in this field, financial rewards will be automatically benefitted to you. Due to increasing popularity, there are a number of online jobs that have come into existence. A work from home simply needs a computer and a fast internet access to start your work. Home based jobs include data entry, article writing, blog postings, forum message postings and other related jobs. At present there is a huge demand for new forums and message boards as they are searching for content and ready to pay a good amount to their employees. Search properly and find a right work from home job that matches your requirements.

Essential things for working from home:

A work from home job needs below facilities at home:

1. Separate room

2. A computer

3. A good Internet connection

4. Other equipments like telephone, fax, printer and other as per the work requirements

II. What are the tips for an efficient work from home?

Here are some tips to be effective when working from home:

1. Get up Early & get to Bed Early: When working from home it is very important to get up in the morning and go to bed early. But generally people get up at 1 pm and then work through the night. As we know morning is the most productive part of our day, we must use that time to get our most important tasks accomplished. Follow your regular tasks as you are going to office, if you stick to this you'll find that you get more done you won't have to work till late at night.

2. Get formally dressed every morning: Never work in an informal dressing, when you work from home. Take a shower and get dressed in a formal way as you work in office. It improves your attitude and productivity. Formal dressing creates a psychological distinction between the home and office.

3. Maintain a separate room for office at home: Try to maintain a separate room in your home. Generally people work in their bed room watching TV and listening to music. But it does not create an impression of working. Switching on your laptop and opening files when you wake up or in the evening will keep reminding you about work, even when you are not working.

4. Maintain strict login and logoff timings: Maintain strict start and stop timings when you work from home. If you don't maintain proper timings there will be no proper balance between work and personal life. Less organized people encounter an imbalance between work and personal life and end up working more hours, as it becomes very hard to differentiate between when you start work and when your after work life begins. You can check your emails periodically if you are expecting something urgent, but reply only if it is urgent; the rest can be done the next day.

5. Set separate rules for the family: Let your friends and relatives know about your working hours and when you will be available free. So they will not interrupt you frequently. Leave enough time to spend with family and kids.

6. Consider using a separate phone line for work: Take a separate phone line for office purpose rather than using personal phone. Also select professional voicemail greetings to sound professional when you answer the call.

7. Plan breaks: Have regular breaks to be fresh when you start working. Work for 30-45 minutes and take at least 5-10 minute break. During the break, you can finish your personal works like phone calls, bills and others.

8. Control snacking, eat proper meals: Keep your diet under control while working at home. Stop eating unhealthy snacks. Take your meal on time to maintain a healthy weight.

9. Stay in touch with your boss: Be available to your colleagues and boss to maintain proper relationships. Track your work through phones, emails and face to face meetings. Regularly update your boss about your accomplishments and success. Know about the office happenings regularly, which are not discussed in office meetings. Meet your boss regularly to take feedback on your work.

10. Exercise: Don't forget to do exercise when you work from home. Working from home makes people lazy. Lack of exercise makes you gain more weight and mentally inactive. Eliminating any kind of exercise from your daily life can leave you feeling tired and not motivated to go outside, or do anything.

III. What are the Do's and Don'ts of work from home?

Do's and Dont's help you to get succeed when you work form home.

Follow below Do's:

1.Get formally dressed every day. Treat your business like a profession not like a hobby to be more productive

2.Set separate business hours and create a daily, weekly, monthly and annual schedule

3.Network with other professionals who are in the same line. Networking may create other opportunities in the same field or other field

4.Marketing your business is more important. Create a website, distribute a flyer, or place an ad in your local paper. Marketing plays an important role in getting more visits

5.Competitively price your services. Research the market and price your services accordingly

6.Give your best on each project and meet the deadlines to create an impression. If you are unable to meet deadlines or unsure of your client's expectations, let them know immediately

7.Learn new skills to improve the marketing abilities and make your business more valuable to the clients. It may lead to opportunities for varied assignments. Follow up with clients. Don't forget to send a thank you note to keep in touch with clients and Have fun.

Follow belowDon'ts:

1.Never work in your pajamas, which is unprofessional way of working

2.Don't work 24/7. Take breaks throughout the day. Respect your schedule and your clients will do the same

3.Don't forget to eat regularly and exercise every day

4.Working at home does not mean you are not allowed to leave the house

5.Get outside, get some fresh air, or meet a friend for lunch

6.Don't undersell your services or don't price yourself out of the market with unrealistic fees. If your services are truly unique, premium prices are appropriate

7.Don't over commit or overextend your deadlines. Missing deadlines may lead to losing genuine customers and destroy your reputation

IV. What are the myths and facts about work from home?

The popular myths and facts about work form home are as follows:

Myth 1: Working from home means not working more or working little.

Fact1:A lot of people think that working from home is easy, because you can work as much or as little as you like and still make earn money from home.

Myth 2: People think work from home means having a plenty of time for personal things and spending less time working.

Fact 2: Statistics show that an average person who works from home usually works about 10 hours a week more than someone who holds down a regular full time job.

Myth 3: More work can be done at home, than at office, because it's quiet at home with no disruptions.

Fact 3: May be true at times. But in the beginning especially, it will be difficult to make the transition from the office environment to the freedom of working from home.

Myth 4: Work from home employees need not pay taxes in paycheck

Fact 4: It's not true; you still have to pay taxes, if you are working from home in your own business or as a freelancer.

Myth 5: Work from home gives more time to keep up with household chores.

Fact 5: It's not true, being at home all day only means that you are making messes while you are working, which you will still have to clean up later.

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