Some common topics asked in Group Discussion?

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Group discussion a group activity with a motto to examine a candidate's communication skills and select the candidate on comparative prospect. The topics for Group Discussion will be contemporary and changes with requirement. Here some list of topics given to prepare well for the Group Discussion:

1. Factual topics

- The pros and cons of having a credit card.

- Why drinking and driving is dangerous to yourself and others.

- Passive smoking is equally harmful.

- International trade barriers work.

- City curfews help to prevent juvenile crime and to protect youth from victimization.

2. Controversial group discussion topics

- Sustainable urban living without the use of excessive natural resources must be our future.

- Marijuana has a medical value.

- The pros and cons of a female President.

- Online dating chats have nothing to do with a search for a soul mate.

- What is wrong with child labor?

3. Abstract discussion topics

- Bribery in Business - why it is unethical and not honest, and causes inequality.

- Computer Viruses - recent attacks and removal strategies.

- Moral Majority - examine the faith and values of this political action coalition.

- Political Correctness - when does this policy cross a line?

- Vegetarianism - benefits and disadvantages of such a diet in relation to the food pyramid.

4. Case studies

- Leadership - What necessary changes are needed in your community organization and how do you want to lead the process?

- Work Ethics - Can we shape workers who have the sense that they serve the company and community?

- Recycling - Sort out how to make money with recycling.

- Dropouts - Individual attention in safe schools and smaller classes; is that the way to stop students to drop out?

- Minimum Wage - Why should we have a minimum wage or why not?

Below tips can be useful for freshers to follow while attending a GD:

- Attend the group discussion with a formal dress and make ensure that your language also should be formal. Don't use normal phrases like 'yar','chalta hai','CP','I dunno' etc.

- Don't mix-up Hindi and English while speaking. Use formal, plain and simple language.

- Use your power of expression as your weapon to attract the target audience.

- Utilize the time given to you and memorize your thoughts on the particular subject to convince group members.

- Be precise and clear while talking.

- Try to hold the attention of the audience.

- Body language and eye contact also an important points to be considered.

- It is not nessacary to address with a persons the group.

- Listen carefully when others speaking. Don't interrupt others.

- Convey your thoughts convincingly before a group of people.

- Explore your skills, understanding knowledge on varied topics, enterprise and forcefulness and other leadership qualities to motivate the equally competent candidates.

- Starting and concluding the discussion scores additional marks.

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