Smart interview questions you should be asking

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It is important to prepare for interview with different types of interview questions and answers.

For example if you attending an interview forstock marketprepare for below smart interview questions. You have changed careers before.

Smart interview questions

1.Why should I let you experiment on my company?

2.What if you work here for five years and don't get promoted?

3.Many of our employees don't. Won't you find it frustrating?

4.If you were running a company that produces X and the market was tanking for that product, what would you do?

5.Are you telling me that, now that you're 40-something, you would be willing to start at an entry-level position just to get your foot in the door here?

6.From your resume, it looks like you were fired twice. How did that make you feel?

7.You majored in philosophy. How did that prepare you for this career?

8.What are the biggest risks you've taken in recent years?

9.Which ones worked out the best, and which ones failed?

10.What do you view as your risks and disadvantages with the position we are interviewing you for?

11.From your resume, I notice that you interned at a small boutique investment bank. Did you pursue a full-time job offer with them?What happened?

12.Can you describe your dream job?

13.Why did you take so much time off from work, and why do you wish to get a job now?

14.If you were hiring someone for this position, what qualities would you look for?

15.What if you worked with someone who managed to take credit for all your great ideas?How would you handle it?

16.How many hours a week do you usually work, and why?

17.Does a company need B players? Or is it better off only having A players on staff, and why?

18.Are you better at 'managing up' or 'managing down'?

19.Would you rather get permission from your boss before undertaking a brand-new project, or be given enough rope to 'hang yourself'?

20.Please give an example of the most difficult political situation that you've dealt with on a job. ?

21.Let's discuss a time when you missed a significant deadline ?

22.Did you ever make a mistake that cost your company money?

23.Is it more important to be lucky or skillful?

24.Have you ever been so firm that people would describe you as 'stubborn' or 'inflexible'?

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