Six personality types and best matching jobs for them

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There are many personality types and choosing a right career according to one's own personality is very important. Many people have some characteristics that can be grouped in to small categories. Along with education and aptitude, one has to also take their personality in to account while deciding to choose a career.Career guidanceis must to check whether the chosen a career that doesn't suit their personality; there are chances of facing failures in their career. Personality suitability can make the difference between a worker feeling accepted in his profession or feeling like an outsider.

best matching jobs

Basically there are six personality types and here are some suitablecareer opportunitiesmatching those personality types:

Practical: People who have this kind of personality tend to be more practical and straight forward in their life. People who have realistic kind of personality enjoy working with tools, machines, electrical or mechanical drawings etc.

Best jobs for this realistic or practical personality are: Biomedical engineer, orthodontist, farmer, surgical technologist, pilot, police officer, carpenter, forester, locksmith, electrician, train engineer, diesel mechanic, truck driver and flight engineer etc.

Social: People with this kind of personality are very good at heart and have patience, empathy and generosity. They enjoy helping people, enjoy working as a team and they often turn out to be good team players.

Best jobs for this kind of personality are: Social worker, physical therapist, school psychologist, nurse, mediator, counselor, dental hygienist, athletic trainer, teacher, librarian and parole officer etc.

Conventional:People with conventional type of personality are very reserved, careful and efficient. They like keeping things neat and orderly. They tend to approach things carefully and are more appropriate in pursuing methodical behavior than the rest of humankind.

Best jobs for this kind of personality are: Financial planner, actuary, building inspector, technical writer, court clerk, mail carrier, timekeeper, title examiner, typist, secretary, bank teller, post office clerk and bookkeeper, accountant, actuary and building inspector etc.

Artistic: People with artistic kind of personality are very creative, innovative and they always want to do experiments to bring out new things. They have good problem solving skills and they always think out of the box. They have spontaneous mindset that matches more rational approach.

Best jobs for this kind of personality are: Graphic designer, editor, director or producer, interior designer, disk jockey, comedian, art teacher, musician, clothes designer, dancer, composer and actor, landscape architect etc.

Analytical: These kinds of personalities generally have investigative mind and are intellectual and scientific. They rely on logic and come to a decision only after gathering lot of related information.

Best jobs for this kind of personality are: Software developer, veterinarian, librarian, physician's assistant, meteorologist, electrical technician, surveyor, architect, chemist, biologist, physician, mathematician, dentist and medical technician.

Enterprising: People with enterprising kind of personality are extroverts, ambitious and they always have zeal to win. Politicians and group of leaders come under this group.

Best jobs for this kind of personality are: Lawyer, real estate agent, customs inspector, judge, executive, sales rep, sales manager, auctioneer, salesperson, travel agent, school principal, bank president, camp director, recreation leader, TV newscaster, hotel manager and career counseling, city manager.

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