Searching for a public sector job? Here are 5 tips that can get you shortlisted sooner

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Government sector jobs:

Regardless of the numerous private sector openings available in the Gulf job market, government jobs remain the most pined for in the GCC. A recent report says that 4 out of 5 job aspirants in the region would prefer a public sector job.Searching for a public sector job.

Searching for a public sector job

The shorter working hours, longer vacations, and job security are a part of the reason why public sector jobs are favored. Working with individuals who comprehend and talk a similar dialect is a bonus too.As government sector jobs are sought after, openings in the public sector can be elusive.

In case you’re searching for a government job, remember these tips:

Search for employment openings in the right places:

The initial move towards landing a public sector position is to discover the jobs that are accessible. Most Gulf nation governments urge residents to work in the government sector. The UAE, for example, has an Emirates Nationals Development Program (ENDP) that advances nationals in both government and private sector openings.

Do your research:

One of the greatest concerns communicated by managers in the Gulf is that aspirants, particularly new graduates, apply for positions for which they are unsuited. Individuals oversell themselves on their resumes, just to have their true abilities uncovered at the job interview. Numerous openings may sound attractive, but you should reasonably assess whether you are a correct fit for the job.

Tailor your resume to the job profile:

Managers have particular desires from a resume. The phrasing used by public sector organizations can vary from that of a private sector organization or a non-benefit association. Offices regularly use dialects which are particular to their regions, and subsequently, it is essential to organize your resume as need be. Make certain to investigate the expressions and watchwords in the job postings and incorporate them in your resume. Utilize a specialist resume composing service to help tailor your CV for the job you need.

Network on the web and off:

Companions, family, classmates and online networks can be tapped to look for some kind of employment. Going to workshops, meetings, and classes are different ways in which you can get to know of job openings. Keep in mind, being proactive can enable you to discover the jobs you need.

Plan for the interview:

Make certain to catch up on both your English and Arabic, as bilingual abilities are imperative if you want to land a government job. Research the organization to comprehend its services and functions. Dress formally, and shake hands with an interviewer of the opposite gender only in the event that they offer their hand first.

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