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Resume looks like a simple 2-3 page document, but is reflection of your personality, character, presentation, skills, attributes, strengths, experience; in a nut shell it is reflection of yourself as a whole. Resume is the indispensable tool which primarily gets you a call for an interview. Before the actual interview itself it creates an impression about you. The most appropriate and appealing resume quickly gets you responses from the potential employers and your chances for winning a job will be enhanced.So,utmost care should be taken while preparing and presenting your resume. Why do you think some people get interview calls immediately after posting their resume and some people keep on waiting for the interview calls. This is because of effective resume which created and impression immediately on seeing it and created a special interest upon you.


Few worth following suggestions we have to follow while writing a resume:

Writing a cover letter:Many people are confused whether to use cover letter or not. Generally freshers are using cover letter. As of current trend cover letters are not required, unless asked by few companies. Even though the personal details, summary and experience are mentioned in the cover letter, it should be displayed in the resume also because some companies send resumes to the consulting companies to be sorted out, in such cases cover letter is not send along with the resume.

Length of the resume: Too much lengthy resume may make the HR's to ignore or lose interest on your resume. How much ever high your qualifications, experience, skills or profile may be, you need to put it in nut shell in a most easy to understand and catchy format. The apt length of the resume is 2-3 pages generally. In some high and rare profiles, the length of the resume may be extended as per the requirement.

Template of the resume: Single template will not suit all the job seekers. So, enough research on social networks and web and select a suitable template which fits your experience and skills and then format the resume and make required changes needed.

Sequence of the Subjects-Personal information: Name, Address, Phone number, E-mail id has to be given correctly, usually centered at the top or left justified. Avoid unnecessary information like age, sex and maritial status.

Resume Objective: This is the main purpose of your resume. Read the job description of the position you are applying for and make sure that your resume objective is congruent to the job description. While describing resume objective depict your skills in clear effective, precise and strong keywords in relevance to the job requirement. It would serve as a key to draw the attention of the employer, because resume objective is the first thing that the employer would see.

Chronological and Functional format: Educational qualifications, Work experience and accomplishments can be mentioned in two types of formats; such as Chronological and Functional. Chronological format should be used by people, who stick to the same field for many years, work in prestigious companies and show steady growth in their jobs. But, the only drawback of the chronological format is it clearly shows the gaps between the jobs. In functional format more emphasis is given for the skills, rather than other things. This type of format is used for people who switch their jobs frequently and work in different fields. This format is also best suited for the people who have long gaps between their jobs.

Educational Skills:Educational skills should be mentioned in reverse chronological order. The most recent educational skill should be mentioned first along with educational qualifications, year studied and the name of the institutions. You can also mention your grades, if you have a high academic profile.

Work Experience:Work Experience should be shown in reverse chronological order along with the name of the employers, the years and dates worked for, positions in the corresponding companies you have worked for, responsibilities taken up in each of the companies and your specific accomplishments. This would be easy to read and not only looks impressive, but also gives a clear picture of your steady career growth. This would draw attention towards prestigious employers and impressive job titles you have worked for.

Technical skills:Technical skills highlight your technical knowledge and the best part of the resume which trade?s you. Technical skills may be in different fields like IT, mechanical, electrical etc. The clearest way to list your technical skills is to group them into standard headings. For example in Information Technology, these can be programming languages, databases, operating systems, network protocols, etc

Accomplishments:Your awards and accomplishments also can be mentioned in chronological order. The latest honors should be mentioned first. This adds on to your skills and creates impression on your employers mind.

Important Things for effective resume:

* Write the resume in a font which can be easily followed. The apt font would be 12. Use e-mail proof formatting.

* Avoid negativity in the resume and give correct information.

* Put important information first and highlight your career objective.

* Make sure that you use right Keywords, effective titles and action verbs. Avoid using pronouns

* Your technical skills and your resume objective must be congruent with the job description of the position you are applying for.

* Your resume must not exceed 2-3 pages.

* Proof read your resume thoroughly.

* Resume should be updated and all obsolete content should be removed and latest information should be added.

* If you are applying for big companies, better to take the assistance of the professional resume writing consultants like Wisdom Jobs etc.

As resume is the key to create impression and draw attention of the employer; resume should be designed in an effective manner carefully and enhance your chances to get and interview and subsequently win your dream job.

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