Resume tips for those not having job experience

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Job search differs from a fresher to an experienced person. If you are a fresher, searching for the job in a job market, it is bit difficult to get shortlisted for the job. You cannot take your step back. Employers know that good employees are made from skills and attitude not from the years of experience and skills acquired through in that education. It is bit difficult to write a resume when you are a fresher with no experience. Below tips may useful in writing a resume for the people who don't have an experience:

Basic things to stick: Do research on your resume like having: 1 Maximum pages of your resume should be in 2 pages 2 Use bullets instead of paragraphs 3 Do proofread of the resume 4 Have a professional mail id 5 Maintain single line spacing in your resume 6 Use professional language 7 Don't use the words like I or use me or myself


Use your education as a marketing tool of your profile: Explain how your education and background experiences will help in that position. List out the course work and project works you have undertaken which may add value to the position you applied for. If you have any notable accomplishments and achievements if any, mention in your resume. Highlight your academic background and make a note that how it will help you to add value to the organization. Focus more on where it fits in the organization. If you have any extra-curricular activities to boost your activities mention them. Also describe about the personality traits you have any.

Cover letter should be effective:Don't include your cover letter unless you are requested for. Cover letter provides the basic idea about the person applying for the job. Explain about the details of the skills and certifications and your objectives which matches for the job you applied for. It also gives the opportunity to express your passion for the job you applied for. Be open and honest in presenting the information. Project your attitude in your resume. Also indicate that you are willing to relocate and interested to work on weekends and late hours also if required. These points may help you to get shortlisted easily. You also mention that you are proud to work in an esteemed organization like the applying company.

Opt for professional help: If you are uncomfortable in writing resume, then consult a professional resume writer or resume services. They explore various skills and give you the tips on how your resume will able to work in this phase. They will help you to make your resume more crisp and focused. If you are a fresher with lack of experience should follow the below points.

1 Contact information at the beginning of the resume with a clear objective

2 Give a snapshot of education and experiences along with training programmers

3 Discuss about the projects undertaken and received awards and accomplishments

4 Extra -curricular activities if you have any

5 Important personal information If the company looking for the people who have more than five years experience, then ignore the opportunity. If the company people are looking for the people who have min

6 months experience then have a try. Make ensure that you are a hardworking with a willing to learn attitude and don't give-up your hopes and start searching for the job. Remember that being a fresher is not an obstacle to get a job. So, never lose your hopes.

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