QUIZZ: Are you a Professional Communicator?

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Your way of communication is really matters at work place and it can build or break your career.


Effective communication:It is an integral part at work placeand it has become an important part of workplace etiquette. It is important to control your emotions when things go wrong in busy and stressful situations. But at this kind of situations also how you deal with them really make sense and build your career. Take below quiz to know that how communicating professionally to find a job. Read the below sentences carefully and choose the right answer that suitable with you and apply jobs online. You may not find an answer that matches your feelings exactly, so just choose the one that's closest.

1. When things at workplace upset you, then:

  • You will cry
  • Try to be normal
  • Wait till you will become normal and share with those who make you calm down

2. Your participation in group projects will:

  • Going along with the team members
  • Try to give new ideas
  • Discuss with team members for better results

3. When you have conflict with co worker:

  • Avoid it with spirit
  • Discuss with co workers and solve the issue
  • Take suggestions and resolve it

4. When your boss highlights your mistake then:

  • Feel ashamed and embarrasse
  • Tell your boss that it is not your fault
  • Apologizes for the mistake

5. When your client gets angry on you then:

  • Tell them that it is not your fault
  • Explain the situation and try to improve
  • Apologizes for the happened.

Know your Score:

If you get more As: It conveys that you are most sensitive and emotional person at work place. You need to learn professional communication at work place.

If you get more Bs: You are not scared of communicating your thoughts and feelings in a better way at work place. Sometimes it may look as defensive, arrogant, angry or unprofessional. Raise your voice but be careful and follow professional etiquettes.

If you get more Cs: It means that you have very good communication skills at work place. You know very well that how to control your emotions at work place. Keep it up.

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