Questions to ask yourself to change your career?

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Many of us may plan to shift their career for many reasons. Better pay, demand for the new career, better growth, more job opportunities and other reasons like personal interest. If you are stuck in such kind of career stuck then ask below questions yourself as if a change of career seems to be the only answer for you. You can evaluate yourself by asking the questions and decide that career shift is that much important at present stage or you can postpone it for a while.

The first question to be asked is that why do you want to change?

Career shifting is a big task as it requires strong determination and patience to get the job in present changing economy. First of all you need to be clear about that why do you want to shift your career and what you want from new career. Make sure that the chosen career will give you the growth opportunities than existing one.

Questions to ask yourself to change your career?

Below are the common reasons for career shift:

  • Not able to mingle with present organization and you felt bored with present job profile
  • Your job profile is not exciting
  • You are undervalued at work
  • Change in your role due to the restructuring of organization
  • No progress in your work

What kind of profile you are looking for?

When you are switching to new career you should bepassionate to the new career.It may be that although your reasons for moving are financial, a fat salary may not be enough to keep you interested. Don't rely on the fat pay cheque but also think about the job timings and other issues.

What kind of work you are expecting?

When you are planning to shift your career then you may have good idea of what you want to do. Then think in a way that what an ideal job would contain:

  • Less clerical tasks
  • More outdoor work, more or less travelling
  • Work from home option
  • Working with less people
  • Working on your own
  • Working with small team
  • Flexible work option

Are you ready to work from scratch level?

If you are ready to work from scratch level without any status and if you are ready to work without any preparation or advantage. In such case you have to start everything from basic level and need to face the consequences like lack of status, lack of money and even work under people who are junior to you by age and experience. Be prepared for all to change your career.

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