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Branding is buzz word in today's competitive world and it also applicable to the professional life like creating your personal branding on your resume. A successful resume replicates the message that what I want than what would I offer to the employer. And it is also known truth that your resume is just a Sales Pitch, a way to position or brand yourself in this competitive job market. As a most valid job seeker you need to stand out as a potential candidate. Hiring managers will receive many applications and they are tried to go through the objective statements mentioned in a candidate resume. Employer's objective to find great talent is more important rather than the job hunters objective of finding a great job. Accomplishing the task of skill evaluation and get your best qualities and skills highlighted on your resume. Each and every job applicant will have unique skills which differ from one to another.


The tasks of projecting your value through personal branding are simple and it takes few simple steps:

Perfect job title:Have a strong job title or summary of resume which grab the attention of recruiters while screening process. As we know that a recruiter takes only 10 seconds scan to review it. Utilize this short phrase to talk about your accomplishments/best skills and why you are the right person for the job. Prove yourself that how you are suitable for the job opportunity.

Provide your initiatives rather than job responsibilities:It is better to mention the initiatives taken at work place rather than mention as job responsibilities you have undertaken. You can mention about a new technology on which you have worked and how it gained the project to get good results.

Add testimonials:You can also add some testimonials to accomplish your tasks and achievements have been taken place. These are the great ways to build your own brand.

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