Over 60%Gulf employers looking to hire female employees : Report

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IT/Telecom sector is expected to contribute 30% of total employment in Gulf region. Health care industry is contributing 20% of employment and nearly 15% employment generated by manufacturing and engineering sectors. For Indian migrants, construction, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, hospitality and grey collar job market are the key sectors for employment across the Gulf nations.


Experience wise hiring outlook in Gulf According to the survey more than 50% organizations are expected to see a growth in 2018. Nearly 30% companies are expected to see a 5% growth; more than 65% organizations are expected to see a rise of 5- 10% in 2018. The middle-level managerial segment would experience the highest rise in compensation being 50%. The junior level and the top level would have a rise of 30% and 20% each.

Experience wise hiring outlook Nearly 30% companies look for employees with an experience range of 5-10 years. Nearly 25% companies look for the candidates with 2-5 years and over 20% companies will seek candidates with work experience of less than 2 years. Nearly 15% companies are expected to hire employees with an experience of 10-20 years. But only 10% of companies will hire employees with a work experience of more than 20 years.

Hiring outlook for women professionals in Gulf More than 70% organizations are expected to hire women employees in 2018. The midlevel is expected to see about 60% of women employees and 20% organizations are expected to see that the female employees will be hired at both junior and senior levels. On average 60% women employees will be hired for core roles and remaining 40% will be hired for supporting roles. Over than 70% employees mentioned that they are ready to hire more female employees in coming future and 30% employees are not interested to hire female employees.

In demand functional areas According to the report, IT is the most in-demand functional area, after that sales/business development and research and development occupied with 20% each. Marketing and advertising professionals saw 15% demand and administration people saw 10% demand followed by HR and finance with 5% each.

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