Only 7% Indian engineering graduates are Employable: Survey reveals

Posted on 18th Jul 2016 | 1156 views

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Recent study mentioned that nearly 7% engineering graduates are employable in this country and remaining people are looking for the suitable job opportunities. The study was conducted among 1,50,000 engineering students who graduated in 2013. While, 97 percent graduating students looking for jobs either in software engineering or core engineering. Among them only 3 percent candidates have suitable skills to be employed in software or product based companies and 7 percent candidates can handle relevant core engineering tasks. Meanwhile a HRD ministry report mentioned that India has over 6,214 engineering and technology institutions which are enrolling 2.9 million students. So, 1.5 million engineers are released in to the job market every year as they simply do not have adequate skills to be employed. Among them 3.75% candidates are suitable for the startup engineering requirements.

Only 7% Indian engineering graduates are Employable

Some companies are providing training programs to enhance the skills of the selected candidates and some candidates are pursuing online training programs to make themselves skill ready for the future job prospects. The study found that nearly 4 percent engineers qualify for a startup technology role. This would definitely hamper startups growth as they deliver low quality products in to the market. As per the last year survey only 6 percent students interested to work for a startup. This year it ranges between 33 to percent. This is also observed that students from tier-I colleges are most likely to work for startups as compared to others. If we observe gender tendency men prefer to work for startups than that of females. Among them more students are interested to work for startups as compared to previous year. While this is good news still a long way to go as a figure like 8 percent may be more relatively, but still only shows interest from a handful of candidates on the whole.

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