Must Have Skills for IT Professionals as of Today

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IT field has changed many faces since the time of Y2K bug. After the Y2K problem was solved, there was a lot of crunch in IT jobs. Many Indians had to leave USA in a very bad position. Again since 2002 there was an enormous growth in IT placements. Again after and incident of crashing of WTC towers in USA, there was a measurable impact on IT jobs. Global downturn made a hard hit on IT again.Inspite of all these, the IT field has lot of potential in providing jobs. The reason for this being; can you tell me one place where computers are not used Tons of information is managed by computers; in banking (in credit, debit cards and transactions etc), insurance and financial firms, in educational institutes including small schools in villages, in movie, railway, bus and flight ticketing, in telecom industry(in your mobiles and land lines),In all most all the electronic appliaces,in automobile industry(in your 4 wheels and 2 wheelers),in Healthcare industry, in research and development, in security systems and numerous other industries. If so many computers are used, they need someone to manufacture and maintain them. By, all these we can clearly understand that the IT field has numerous jobs if you go for skill development programme. If more people are into IT field, there exists a tough and cutthroat competition. To keep themselves sustained in the field and out beat the competition, IT professionals must know the importance of communication to master the following skills


Programming and Application Development :

Nearly 47%i.e nearly half of the IT firms plan to hire people with programming and development skills in the consecutive years to come. Most of the HR professionals; nearly 75% will be busy in hiring, IT staff with expertise in application development and programming by the end of 2011. In this competitive, dynamic and volatile market, companies need to be damn quick in reposition, as well as use IT to grow the business through new and innovative products. As a result rapid programming expertise will definitely comeback. Companies are even trying to increase pay packages in these areas.

Project Management :

Project Managers occupy top of the hiring list for 2011, in most of the firms. The professionals with management skills will dominate 43% of the Computer world. Due to globalization of IT companies and huge work force; project management became a must and should skill.

Help Desk/Technical Support :

The software versions (technology) become obsolete from time to time; for example different versions of Microsoft windows have been used by Microsoft customers in the past, now it is converted to windows 7.So, customers also move towards new versions with more features. This is the prime reason why help desk and technical support skills will be of high-priority in 2011 and the coming years.42% of the companies are hiring peoples with these skills. All the fields with major conversions madate, need people with help desk and technical skill support background.

Networking :

38% of the IT companies are going to hire people with networking skills. These jobs are deemed to be highly challenging jobs for 2011 and the coming years. Virtualization of non-virtual environments is the prime skill in networking; which is very hard to find skill.

Security :

Security is the only area of certified IT skills that has never had a negative quarter throughout this entire recession. Demand is being driven by regulatory compliance needs and by customer demand for tools with built-in security features. Valuable security skills include expertise in identity and access management, threat and vulnerability assessment, encryption, data loss prevention, incident analysis, governance, compliance and auditing, biometrics, Web content filtering, safeguards for voice-over-IP systems and e-discovery support for litigation.

Data Center :

The demand for data center and storage expertise is 21% for 2011 and future years. The data center and storage people will be on top demand because Storage is becoming more important as we go to network-attached storage (and storage-area networks).The tough part being finding people with expertise in particular storage areas and spending the right amount of money for safety and backup of the different types of data

Web 2.0 :

People with Y-generation web skills are preferred 17% by the most staffers of the IT companies for 2011 and the coming years. Hot Web 2.0 skills include expertise in Adobe Flex, JavaScript, Adobe Flash, AJAX and JavaScript Object Notation.

Telecommunications :

Most of the IT companies are hiring people with telecommucation skills for 2011 and the coming years. The demand for these skills is 17%. The work force with unified communications, who can design an infrastructure and integrate various communications tools, including instant messaging, IP phones and remote access as well as the security issues around those communications devices are on top priority.

Business Intelligence :

As data proliferates and IT departments look for ways to contribute to the company's profitability, 13% is the expected demand for hiring in the field of business intelligence. Business intelligence?skills will be highly sought-after and in 2011. IT companies are forced to present the information captured and share the information exchange through networks; in a more advanced and renewed manner.

Collaboration Architecture :

Collaboration architecture expertise is high on the list of IT hot skills, as well as the security issues around those communications devices. The IT companies are looking at the skills that can help the end-user experience be better by understanding how things like portals, Web and audio work necessarily master the following skills. Most of the IT companies are looking for people who can integrate, collaborate and manage the clients and vendors, understand the technology embedded.

Business Acumen and Communication Skills :

Most of the IT companies will seek professionals who understand the business and can communicate technical concepts to business and customers, in 2011 and the coming years. Of course these skills cannot be found in any job titles, but need four types of competencies like business and financial acumen, functional deapth, leadership skills and global mind set. Most of us are in wrong notion that, IT needs only technical skills, but it no more hold good. Overall, the outlook for 2011 remains volatile, and IT groups will need workers whose skills can help them adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. But as IT units move from a support role to a profitability model,now they are able to move more quickly. World is ever going to return to what it was in 2008, but it's a very positive thing.

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