Most important elements to have in your resume

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Resume is an important document in a persons career to land in their dream job. It is important to get shortlisted in review by page to page with notorious effect. Below are the five elements which needed to add in each resume to fix it.


Loaded resume from end:Many of us think that employers spend maximum time on resumes and it is also true that employers will spend very little time on each resume that maximum 30 seconds. Based on those things that resume will be shortlisted or rejected. So, make sure that you have clear career goals which reflect in your resume which makes whether the resume retained or rejected. The top third of the first page will be the key to whether your resume makes that all-important first cut.

Keywords:These days recruiters are searching for keywords in resume and it is important to add keywords in your resume. So the beginning of your resume should include a small, well-formed gathering of keywords that describe what you do.

-Read the job description carefully and try to match it by adding keywords. The other thing is add keywords in relevant to the applicant tracking system and ATS screeners, if a keyword appears more often in a resume or at the top of a page, it has more relevance.

Space:Give proper space between sentences of resume will be easier for hiring Managers. It will be easy for them if you put a line break between jobs. Make sure that you have a resume of two pages and if it's too long and will never be read because you're making things too difficult.

Flow:Maintain proper flow that you resume should be understood by hiring managers and it will be rejected if it is not in an understanding way. Read once before applying for jobs, so that you will get idea how your resume is.

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