Money and work issues are main causes of stress says psychologist

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Stress is a serious problem in today's society. Reports say that stress on the increase and many people are suffering in silence. Stress not only has impact on a person's physical and mental well being but it also creates impact on the economy. Increased stress leads to higher levels of absenteeism and less productivity at the workplace and ill health and other health disorders. People who are in stress show negative behavioral change like unexpected change in employee absenteeism, frequent lateness, increased conflict and tension between colleagues or individuals, working long hours but reduced productivity. Stress can be handled effectively until and unless find the root causes. Many organizations are conducting employee wellness programs to help relieve their employees of stress and exhaustion right at the root. Here are some points to get rid of stress.


Accept stress: It is known fact that everyone on their life feels stress which needs to be accepted. People need to be brave and accept he stress and work on to overcome the situation.

Learn to say NO: It is imperative to come across all pressures and priorities for all employers. But accepting the every request and saying YES to all tasks may lead to stress. So learn saying No and self-asserting will help reduce workloads and surrealistic expectations.

Power of personal conversation: Converse face to face when in distress. It can help to reduce stress levels and establish healthy relationships with colleagues. Spend time with family and friends to make a real difference.

Meditation: Meditation is the best solution for all distress. Give yourself the quality time you deserve after all the hard work you do for your employer and family. A little me time in the form of yoga will refresh your routine.

Hobbies: Health and career experts say that all work and no play will impact the health in long run. Never overlook family and friends that provide happiness and combat stress. Exercise and hobbies may uplift your spirit and stay healthy.

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