MNC Vs Startup: Are you Confused to Choose between?

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The confusion of Job seekers in making a decision for taking up a MNC job or a Startup job in corporate companies stands always as a mystery. Most of them look out for healthier salaries and job security in present days. Even though the confusion still doesn't calm down when it comes to decision making.

MNC Vs Startup

With time and experience, the once startups, have grown up into something popular and implausible, as MNC's, with lots of resources and projects. Talented and skilled people with enhanced ideas started their own companies and flourished over time. Peculiarity between Startups and MNC's Let us look at the differences between large multinational companies and startup companies.

  • Most startups are product based while big MNC's are service based.
  • In Startups, there are small teams to work on a product or an industry and provide services to their clients where as in MNC's, different departments span in outsized proportions with workflow being spread among different people.
  • Startups have free culture, no dress codes, etc. while MNC's require proper dress codes and formal meetings.
  • Startups have certain positive traits while Big MNC's call for office politics, bossy environment, no transparency and less hikes, long wait for promotions etc.
  • Startups are mostly riskier and have greater chances of failing due to lack of vision, culture, bad leadership, no proper funding or a bad team, where as MNC's are prearranged with quite the opposite.
  • In MNC's you are likely to perform your duties with less chances of appreciation where as being in a startup will give you a possibility to create big impact and the company will benefit from it by recognizing your abilities.
  • Startups are a vast place to grow while big companies wait for you to be good at what you do.
  • Startups have more simplicity than big companies. All the insides are known along with business plans, changes, competitors which prepare you for your own startup. MNC's do not have such intelligibility.
  • MNC jobs are routine while Startups let you play many roles.
  • Conclusion Choose what's important to you. Make your mind up on what motivates you, things you want to achieve and your long term goals for your future. Check with the insights on the companies which you like to join like reviews of company, work culture, learning curves, salaries and packages etc. It doesn?t subject to which company you choose to work, gain two-three years of experience, learn a lot of new skills, work hard and move on.

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Given some directions for MBA Sales fresher. ... which one is better than ....

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