Mid-level Employees in Indian IT Sector Facing an Uncertain Future: Study

Posted on 13th Mar 2017 | 1219 views

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Mid level employees in Indian IT sector are in front of an doubtful future even as the industry has geared up to acclimatize itself to the fast changes brought by automation and present day technologies. Almost 1.4 million midrange employees, who on average have 8 - 12 years of experience and earn Rs 12 - 18 lakh, are now at the centre of updating and reshuffling discussions occurring transversely the sector.

Mid-?level employees in Indian IT sector facing an uncertain future

This is due to the development of IT sector for years and it has not been managed in terms of technologies learned, but in terms of the number of people an employee managed. Industry leaders believe that career growth in the IT sector has been measured on the basis of the number of people an employee managed and not in terms of the new technologies learned. Middle management is considered as the weakest section in the link as they never touch the outside world. The rise in growth of automation and digital technologies are creating strain for traditional structure. As automation and digital technologies turn over the usual way of doing business, the habitual structure is under strain. The changes are by now being observed. As a result, even as IT giants clash to keep hold of their top talent, they are not very helpful in offering out pay hikes to mid level employees. In fact, many corporate companies have suspended salary revision process for employees who have been in a long run with the company, until there is a management review. Experts say that new employees come up with better technology solutions, rather than the employees with 5 years of experience lack new ideas. For example, Capgemini is using IBM's cognitive consulting tool Watson to assign people to projects, while Infosys is building a machine learning platform that will help project managers take decisions to make better trade offs between the number of people needed for a project and the timeline for completion. IT companies in India are spending millions to retrain their employees. But human resource experts say the mid level group, which has the majority to lose, is also the most defiant to change. So there would be a great hurdle to pass by for the middle level employees along with the corporate IT companies in retraining their workforce with latest digital day's developing standards.

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