Looking for Counselor Job Role

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Looking for Counselor Job Role?

Student success requires more than just a well-equipped classroom and a talented and committed teacher. Another important element in the educational process is the role played by school counsellors. They fulfil a number of responsibilities, from the day-to-day assessment of individual students, to the design and implementation of broad, longer-term programs designed to cultivate a safe and healthy learning environment. School counselors help students develop study and time management skills, plan academic goals, and manage social and behavioral problems.

Looking for Counselor Job Role

You may be wondering if a counsellor job is right for you or not? Let’sfind out if it is. A counsellor is someone who provides guidance to the students to achievesuccess in various fields like academics, career and behaviour.Now, let’s discuss the job requirements for this job role of counsellor. Unlike other jobs, role of the counsellor varies with the type of students we handle.

Counselors at the elementary level must understand the dynamics and goals of early childhood development,

while at the middle-school level they will need to work with children who deal with new social pressures and academic challenges.

By the time students reach high school, they begin to experience the realities of adulthood even as they deal with the challenges of adolescence, bringing new challenges for counselors.

However, the counsellor must report on changes that have to be done in schools’ curriculum to benefit to the students.

However, a career counsellor has to create opportunities for the students to improve their career growth and also provide aid in applying and getting placed for a job.

Candidate requirement for this job may as follows

Candidates with various backgrounds would be suitable for this position as freshers.

Candidates who have completed a course in career guidance or any related fields would be in demand.

Most of the companies provide a basic salary incentive per student. Candidates with psychology, management, sociology and related field education are eligible to get higher pay in this field. Basic requirements of the candidates are numerous like good communication skills in both English and the local language. knowledge of additional languageis an added benefit.

Excellent presentation skills along with good computer skills. You have to be smart, confident, and active. It is also important to have basic domain knowledge. In case of working for an educational institute, the candidate would be requested to take care of counselling and increasing career opportunities of the students. Incase of other private organisation the counsellor might be responsible for sales related activities like lead generation and conversion. In some companies’ monthly target would be provideto the companies. Candidates should visit universities, give seminars and attract the students towards the product or service. Apart from all of these the candidates must be required to perform operational activities related to their work. Beyond tele calling the candidates must be required to take up on site activities for convincing clients with their presentations.

There’s a lot of scope for this particular field. Nearly 19% of total vacancies of counsellors are found in schools and universities. The remaining vacancies are found in companies which provide special training and managerial programs for improvingmarket skills of the candidates. Incase you are thinking of looking for a job in private organisation, you would have huge range of growth options. The people who have experience in counselling with lead generation are suitable in marketing development. If you want to grow in the same field can apply for senior counsellor positions after gaining three to five years of experience. With more experience, the candidate can apply for the positions like counsellor trainer.

This is one of the jobs which have grown more than 15% in the decade. Due to the stagnant job market people are in search of an effective cousnelor to help them. Candidates with educational background in any technical field can apply or positions like property counselor, financialcounselor, internationalcounselor, educational counsellor and, any other fields.

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