Looking for a job in the oil and gas industry? Here are 4 skills that can help you in your job search

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The oil and gas sector continues to be a major employer in Saudi Arabia. As per the latest report, the industry recorded 48% Y-O-Y growth in the country. As per the report Saudi Aramco will create 500000 oil and gas jobs over the next decade. Oil and gas sector covers a?spectrum of jobs requiring various skills and experience.


Here are some important skills that will help you get an oil and gas job:

Team work: Group dynamics play key role in this sector, teamwork plays key role by which employers evaluate candidates. Social skills, self-confidence and high EQ are some important facts that create outstanding teamwork skills. Middle East multicultural workforce demands to work with different people and different backgrounds and ethnicities.

Ability to learn: If you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional never stop learning new things. The ability to learn will become keynote in coming years and experts predict that rise in innovation will raise the productivity and profit margins. So the ability of learning and upgrade your skills will play key role protecting you from redundancy.

Technical and computer skills: Oil and gas is technical based industry where having strong technical skills a prerequisite for every aspiring employee. Even marketing and human resources professionals require basic understanding of oil and gas technology for effective output. The current economy also demands strong computer skills from employees.

Planning, leadership and organization skills: Planning and organization skills are important for successful project management of oil and gas industry. These skills include scheduling, time management, attention to detail, the ability to anticipate and prepare for future challenges, and project monitoring skills. As well as you gain more experience. Leasdership skills you will play key role in your job performance.

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