Laid Off: What's next?

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"The layoff is always hard and we felt as if we were rusty in the first half as well, and it took us a while to get through that. If you couple that with the other team playing with a lot of confidence after a win in a play-in game, then it can really turn into a tough time, but I give our girls a lot of credit because, even though the shots weren't falling, they kept their focus and did what they needed to do"- Ed Pultz

I. What is Layoff?


Lay off is the temporary termination or permanent termination of an employee from the job for a group of reasons. The term layoff is a temporary interruption in work. Layoff is called by different names in different locations. In UK it is called as Redundancy, downsizing in India and Layoff in America.

II. What to do before a Layoff?


The steps to be taken right before a layoff:

- Always update your CV in a structured CV format and make it a habit every month to update your CV. Include all of your achievements in your CV.

-Send your CV to recruiters every six months and also develop some personal relationships with few recruiters in your specialized subject. Try to update your skills as per the changing needs of the industry.

- Be in touch with your colleagues even after they leave the company and also keep their address, phone numbers and email ID to communicate with them.

- Build networking through business cards and other communication mediums in meetings and others.

- Be in touch with sales people as they are the best source of employment when you are laid off.

- Save some money from the salary. The saved money will help you during the period of layoffs.

III. What to do after a Layoff?


The immediate steps to be taken after a layoff:

- Submit your CV to all of your contacts and also find out the job vacancies with your friends and other networking people.

- Estimate your financial situation and make a detailed budget and estimate how your savings will help you survive. 

-Try all possible avenues to search for a job and also choose any work from home offers on temporary basis.

- Feel job searching as a job and search five days a week, eight hours a day. Take a day off and treat yourself as you are looking for a job like it is your job.

- Don't feel guilty of being laid off. Be strong and search for a good alternative job.

Take a self assessment

- Example for people you know

* Find out how they are doing, what is new with them

* Give them the news about the layoff if they don't already know

* Tell them what you are looking for in a job

* Ask if their company is hiring

* See if they are free for lunch

* Know which companies are hiring

- Example for people you don't know

* Introduce yourself and say who referred you to them

* Tell them you were laid off and what type of job you are looking for

* Ask if their company is hiring

* Know which companies are hiring

- Target your particular sources and follow up them with a phone call or an email to ensure that they received your CV or references and that they were delivered to the appropriate person or not?

- Enhance your interview skills

- Fulfill your dreams which were planned while you are busy with your job

- Before you start your new job take a vacation and enjoy your holidays. Once you start your new position, you will not be able to take a vacation for quite a while, so take advantage of the time and go have some fun.

IV. What's next once you are Laid off?

The below factors should be taken into consideration:

1. Verify the reasons for dismissal

Generally there will be six reasons for dismissal of an employee:

- Misconduct

- Lack of qualifications

- Retirement

- Redundancy

- Inappropriate at work

2.Review the dismissal procedure

Review the dismissal procedure and find out the causes for dismissal like unfair selection for redundancy and failing to carry out a proper investigation before dismissal for gross conduct. You can claim if, you found an unfair dismissal for gross misconduct.

3.Check you received the correct payment

Make sure that your employer had given a letter of pending payments made to you like statutory / contractual redundancy, holiday pay and bonuses. To collect the payments you need to fulfill the below criteria:

- You must have worked as an employee

- You must have worked for two years

- Your employee must dismiss you

- The reason should fall under law

- You must mot refuse an offer of employment

- The amount of redundancy pay depends upon the factors like how long have you been employed and your age and pay

4.Make sure that you got the right amount of payment

Make sure that you were entitled to receive the payment, which may be more than the period you are guaranteed. Check your offer letter for how much notice period you are entitled for otherwise you can claim for wrong dismissal.

5.Invest wisely

The payout you received upon dismissal may be quite considerable for the same employer and for a long period of time. Invest the received payment through dismissal in a proper source.

6.Analyze your budget

Review your expenses and income to make a budget plan. Cut off some unnecessary expenditure as you don't have job. Segregate the purchases into essential and non essential items. Then eliminate the non essential items until you find a job. If you come across any shortfall, use savings for help.

7.Update your CV

Spend more time in updating your CV and cover letters. Enhancing your network is the best way to find a job.

8.Apply for relevant jobs

Apply all the relevant jobs matching with your profile. Don't waste your time in applying overqualified or unqualified jobs.

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