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Todays working professionals are habituated to work in stressful conditions and some people are more addicted to stress and they can't even work if they don't encounter stressful conditions at their assignments. A stress junkie is a person who addicted to more stress at work place and he/she is comfortable at stressful conditions. You can identify them very easily and the term applicable to the people who survives a work day only when they are able to generate situations which trigger them to face more stress and seem to find themselves in such stressful conditions.


A normal situation for them does not trigger the same responses and their body and mind feels weak and tired without it. Long term effects on the body will be the same as that of chronic stress. They surround themselves with a stress full conditions and works in a high stress without their knowledge and with knowing and you may recognize them very easily with these symptoms. Some times target based online works use to involve in situations which creates high stressful conditions. The person only does well in high stress situations and thrives when they exist. They handle more work than they can actually do and create a situation that they work more in some conditions like slowdown and no work also. They work overtime and finish the commitments at the last moment of the day by creating such impression that they work more and working whole day. Just remember that a person with busy schedule at work place may not consider as a stress junkie but the behavior is usually long term and self initiated, and one crisis after another follows such people.

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