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To explore the talented and knowledgeable people, employers are using many innovative methods to find out the potential candidates for the vacancies they have. Compare to traditional recruiting methods, many new interview methods has come in to existence. Read these to know more about the different types of interviews.

different types of interviews

Screening interview:This is the first round of interview, where a candidate can be selected on the basis of the skillsets he/she have. Some companies follow manual searching of resumes and some companies follow computer programs by fixing keywords. Highlight your accomplishments and create a well written and structured resume. And also ensure that your resume has covered all important aspects of the job interview like skills and keywords and others.

Informational interview: This kind of interview can be arranged if the candidate doesnt have any current openings with the company. These are basically guided for fresh graduates for information gathering. The performance of the candidate can be analyzed for future reference and they will be called when they have vacancies.

Stress Interview: It is designed to judge your capabilities at the time of stressful situations. Your thoughts and views can be analyzed at the time of interview. You may be asked to wait for long hours in the waiting room to test your response towards the situations. Stay calm and cool and provide your best to the interviewer.

Auditions: Sometimes interviews may be tested through the practical exercises. Behave professionally and practice well to win this kind of interviews.

Group discussions:This kind of interviews is conducted while recruiting at campuses. It is mainly designed to solve a problem on collectively. These are mainly conducted to assess the analytical and communication skills of the prospective candidates. Listen to others and convey your opinion in a conveying way. If you disagree with others, then discuss it in a polite tone.

Meal time interview:This kind of interviews will be conducted to recruit senior level persons by arranging meal. The interviewer will decide your social settings here. They will observe many points like how you will treat your host or company and serving staff and the way you eat etc.

Follow-Up interview: It will be conducted once you complete your first round of interview and this will be to confirm your other things about your candidature. This round also contains the salary negotiations. So be prepared for that.

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