Keep your salary confidential but why?

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Salaries are always said to be kept as confidential and the importance of a salary is getting magnified by keeping it as a trade secret. When you have got an offer then the HR will congratulate and says don't discuss with anybody. If you think in a way that not even with your family. Here you can share it with your family but not with any one else. That is the standard line which was repeated with every applicant and if you get confused then be cool. And it is accepted by everybody but nobody complains. The organization expected same thing from employers that salary should not be shared with anyone rather than your family. Most of the HRS will dutifully instruct all first-timers that they aren't supposed to discuss their salaries with anyone other than their family. There is a question arise that why was HR doing that? What is the motive behind the concept that discussing salaries was a bad idea? Even the HR people know that conversations about salary are very difficult to handle. But most of the people never bother about confidentiality of salaries, they keep discussing with others. More enterprising ones want their managers and the HR partner to answer those queries.

The most remarkable conversation which deserves a mention is the one in which one employee came to make a case for another. The most important facts for maintaining salary as confidential: Organizations pays different salaries different people who are working for the same role, same qualifications. The determination of salary depends on different factors like a candidate previous pay and additional skills etc. But the benefits in terms of transparency, morale and employer branding would be immense. People tend to overestimate their value, they will demand more, and it would, in turn, result in increased employee cost. Salaries are being paid to individuals and a person should focus on what he is paid and not others getting paid.

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