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IT industry in India has become a major source of employment for young talent pool, form past decade. The growth in this field was consistent and the pay packages were very lucrative as compared to any other field. As this field shows its global presence; professionals have chance to work on overseas projects, which enhance their technical knowledge; enhance their skills to work in cross  cultural working environment; give them opportunity to see different countries. The most recent graph of share market showing visible signs of growth in the Indian IT firms .This gives us hope of sure recovery in employment; especially in technical sector of the services. No doubt there was a slack in this field for past 2-3 years due to global economic crisis. But, the top IT companies of India have reported good margin of profits. The companies are following a mix of strategies to keep themselves in the track of profits. The strategies like decreasing the cost 6-8% on US projects; spreading their investments in countries other than USA; like emerging markets of China, Africa, Europe etc; Decreasing the rate of hikes for their employees as compared to previous years; giving opportunities fresh graduates who demand relatively low salaries as compared to experienced professionals for the same output of work; lowering their spending on R&D; reducing variable pay, decreasing the promotion cycles  etc.

The salaries of fresh IT professional will approximately be Rupees 18,000-25,000; based on their qualifications and skill set. Major research analysts state FY2011 shows positive growth and the IT exports are estimated to grow by dollars 59bn for the year 2011; accounting to employ 2 million people to implement various projects. This year is expected to have consistent demand from US, which increased its share to 61.5%.FY2011 shows an extensive demand segments such as Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), new emerging verticals of Retail, Healthcare, Media and Utilities. India also topped as global shoring destination; with approximately 55% share in global ITO and BPO markets. Industry estimates suggest that overall hiring in India by all the IT companies together, during 2011, could exceed or at least match the levels of 2007. Besides Indian IT firms, global giants like IBM, Accenture and HP have also been hiring aggressively in the country. Regardless of the sectors they are working in the employees of various companies stated the top IT companies based on parameters like Brand of the company, learning and career growth opportunities, Compensation and benefits, Work environment and culture, Higher job role and responsibility, job location, retention of employees and the work-life balance .Infosys and TCS are placed on the top in first and second place; ahead of Google and IBM on third and fourth place; followed byWipro,HCL,Microsoft,Accenture, HP, Satyam mahindra, Cognizant etc. As of FY2011 No:of Employees Revenues Infosys 133,560 $6.35bn TCS 198,614 $8.2bn Wipro 120,000 $6.8bn HCL 85,000 $6 bn Indian Top IT companies come out of the recession; as all time winners by posting good profits, managing with perfect balance.

The IT professional skills, which are in demand for FY2011are software analysts, information and Security experts, Domain specialists, Database administrators, Software integration specialists, Information and Networking experts, Designing and architecture experts, Data warehousing and semiconductor design specialists. Professionals with are hired relatively high in number as compared to graduates and diploma holders. The number of women working in IT field in India has been steadily increasing over years and most of the women are in administration, management, sales and programming and not in the development. The woman workforce accounts to 24% in India. India has scarcity of talent pool in certain software skills like, Data and content management, Enterprise application integration, Contingency planning and disaster recovery, Business intelligence, Biometrics etc.

Hiring in Design Schools: Technology majors on contrast are headhunting in design schools this year. Companies like Wipro, HCL, Microsoft, Congnizant, e-commerce giant e-bay are opening doors to hire graduates from design schools to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their products, sites and services. As e-commerce is growing at a high pace, the web interface becomes crucial for the internet firms, pushing up the need for designers. Today even software firms are inclined towards giving client presentations over the web, providing importance to designers. The number of designers in technology firms is going to increase by 20-25% in next 2-3yrs.This gives scope for a number of jobs.

Jobs in UID project The major government project  The Unique Identity Scheme is also making a good progress. It is now getting into operational mode in which Rs120Cr are already allocated in 2009-2010 and Rs 1900Cr sanctioned for 2010-2011.The top tech companies (TCS, Infosys, IBM, Wipro, HCL, Mahindra Satyam, Congnizant) are competing to grab a portion of this project; which is worthy for them and creates large number of jobs. The government called for Request for Proposal (RFP) for design, development, testing, third party system integration, support and maintenance of?software for the UID project and around 40 Indian and MNC IT companies forayed for the same. UID project involves biometric verifications and authentication systems which mean the project will be backed by?world?s largest biometric database with over one billion people information.

Hiring strategy in Wipro In spite of economic concerns in US and Europe; Wipro is hiring many people, this is sign of the field catching up and good news for job aspirants. As a part of its restructuring bid, Wipro has changed its hiring strategy this year. Under the new change, the IT Company plans to add more entry-level workers compared to experienced employees. About 70% of Wipro is new staff will now comprise entry-level people--hired usually from college campuses. Great news for fresh graduates, who are waiting eagerly for campus selection. The company plans to visit more than 400 colleges to hire entry level-staff for April 2012 hiring. In the last fiscal year ended March 31, 2011, the company hired more than 14,300 new employees. This has taken the company's total headcount to 122,385. If one assumes that Wipro will take 25 percent more employees in April 2012, then freshers can expect to compete for a sizable portion of the 17875 new jobs.

Hiring Strategy in Infosys Infosys will hire over 26000 engineers in 2011, Mr. Pai (HR head) informed to the press. The company hired over 20000 engineers in the last fiscal. In fact, 50% of all the IT/ITES jobs will be created in India which means engineers can expect over 400,000 opportunities in 2011. Also, over 150,000 jobs will be for experienced professionals. Lateral addition, including several former employees of the company shot up three fold to 15,883 in FY 2011 from 4,895 in FY 2010. Hiring of freshers and laterals will be in the ratio of 60:40; based on business growth through client acquisition and expansion in emerging markets, Infosys may have to hire a few thousands more during the later quarters. Net addition of employees doubled to 17,024 during FY 2011 from 8,946 in FY 2010. Infosys CEO states the Growth is back and companies are hiring a large number of employees in their firms to get maximum access to this competitive market especially in the tech and gadgets related.

Hiring strategy in TCS The country is largest information technology services provider, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), today said it will hire 37,000 engineers from campuses for 2011-12, 13,000 more than this financial year. For 2010-11, TCS had made 24,000 campus offers. The company has already crossed its hiring target of 50,000 employees for 2010-11 and will be adding 12,000-15,000 employees in the fourth quarter of this financial year. With a sudden change in the demand scenario, TCS? hiring mix has also changed. The company that preferred to have a higher percentage of campus (trainee) hiring saw its lateral hiring increasing during this financial year. Traditionally, TCS keeps a hiring mix of 60:40 for freshers and laterals (experienced), respectively. But for 2011-12, the company has a hiring ratio of 54:46 for laterals and freshers, respectively.  If you look at the current quarter, TCS hired more laterals than trainees. It was also because of the demand coming up. For the next fiscal, TCS would like to keep the mix to 50:50, but it all depends on the business environment, These hiring strategies of top companies, show good signs of revival of market and rise Confidence in the job seekers. Top priority is given to campus recruitments, which is useful for the IT professionals.

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