Job roles that best suit for introvert and extrovert personality types

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Jobs are basically chosen based on the personality and also jobs vary based on the personality types like introverts and extroverts. Extroverts basically tend to be enthusiastic, talkative, assertive and gregarious while introverts tend to be more reserved and less outspoken in groups. Therefore based on their characteristics they can choose different job roles that best suit them. Extroverts as they are talkative can choose management jobs wherein it involves lot of collaboration and public speaking. This means that they like to interact with people more than doing a paper or computer work. As introverts are more reserved and interact less with people, they like to choose jobs that involve less interaction with people for example: software jobs. Extroverts are suited for high level positions, but it doesn't mean that introverts will not have a chance to grow. There are many cases where people who started as introverts gradually became more extroverted as the situation demanded. Both introverts and extroverts have equal career oppurtunities in the job market and also earn in six figures when it comes to salary. When it comes to career opportunities and growth, both introverts and extroverts will have equal chances in making up a bright career.


Here are some job recommendations for both introverts and extroverts

for Extroverts:Registered Nurse, Manager/Supervisor of Police, Corporate Recruiter,Lifeguard or Ski Patroller, Air Traffic Controller , Actor, Electrical Mechanic Installer,or Repairer,Licensed Vocational Nurse,Medical assistant,kinder teacher,Constructionworker,Pharmacist,Therapist (occupational, physical, speech), Event planner ,Advertising professional , Police officer,Firefighter,Sales representative, Accountant ,Financial analyst , Customer service representative ,Entertainer/performer

Jobs for Introverts:General Office Administrator Court, Municipal, or License clerk, Computer Programmer , Film or Video Editor , Logistician,Financial Examiner , Probation Officer , Title Examiner ,Bus / Truck Driver , Computer Equipment Installer or Repairer ,Artist/designer, Engineer, Chef , Physician ,IT ,computer programmer/software developer , Machine operator ,Mechanic , Editor/writer, Scientist, Veterinarian, Lawyer/ Teacher.

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