Job role: Intern

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Job role: Intern

If you're a new college graduate, you already know how difficult the entry-level job market is. And if you graduated without picking up any work experience, your job search may be even tougher.

But here's something you may not know: You can still do an internship even though you've already graduated, and it may give you a better shot at landing a full-time job later.

Job role: Intern

Today we are discussing about the job role of an Intern. This video explains about how an internship can boost a career, what type of internship is the right fit and tips for getting your dream internship.

● Paid Internships are offered at private companies or large organizations are more likely to be paid.

● Short term internships are popular among students to work during a semester break.

● Service learning is at a community organization with specific goals they are expected to meet during their time there. At the end, students may present a paper or presentation detailing their experiences.


Finding a dream job and dream internship both are same. The search for internship takes more or less equalant time as regular job search. Here’s how to get your dream internship.

● Get experience related to the position you want

● Prepare a resume targeted to the kind of position students are looking for.

Must watch our video on How to write a perfect resume for great resume writing tips.

● Prepare a cover letter as similar to the resume, the internship cover letter should be targeted toward the industry students want to enter.

● By building a professional network, students make contacts that can help them land their dream internship

● Personal branding- students can differentiate themselves from other applicants by branding on social media sites

Well, if you are interested to find international internships, then follow these ways.

● Through academic advisors: Students who are already planning to study abroad may be able to find internship opportunities from the academic advisors in the foreign host school.

● Through AIESEC: AIESEC is a non-profit organization run by college students that provides assistance with cross-cultural volunteer and internship placement.

● There are a number of websites that having listings for international internships around the globe.

What are the minimum requirements for this position?

The basic requirement for this position is as follows:

For other fields such as science and technology, your percentage and the marks on your memorandum areanalysed to accept you as an intern. You must have the knowledge of computers English language, communication skills, interpretation skills for any kind of job.

Many of us have a doubt that, are internships paid?

Yes,of course, many internships are paid. It is an excellent option to gain experience while learning. The pay vary depends on the company. Let’s have a look at the top companies that provide paid internships in India.

● American Express pays a stipend of INR 60000 for interns

● PayPal pays a stipend of up to INR 50000

● Cadbury pays up to Rs 40000 stipend

● Microsoft pays up to Rs 40000 stipend

● Goldman sachs pays up to Rs 37000 stipend

Hope this video helpful to gain an insight about Internships and career scope and other details in a detailed manner. So, guys give a kick start to your career and learn more being as an intern. Stay tuned to us for more such videos.

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