Is your resume truthful?

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Many jobseekers lie about their accomplishments and professional skills in their CVs like employment dates of past employment and designations and sometimes educational qualifications also. When you search jobs, saying truth and presenting them in a right way will always help you to create the best impression among the recruiters.

resume truthful

Candidates think that exaggerating this information may attract employers but they don't realize that misrepresentation of these facts may damage their career.

Most common lies found in resumes and job interviews are as follows:

Employments dates:Keeping wrong dates of employment and covering gaps and job hopping with wrong dates.

Exaggeration n of job titles:Many job seekers lie about their past job responsibilities and professional skills and accomplishments in previous job. They also include fake degrees, computer certifications and language fluency to present them in their resumes. Some people quote high salary as they have got paid in their previous job.

Bogus references:Many job seekers will submit fraud references or incorrect information as related to references. They also thought that potential employers so busy that they cannot verify the references given by them and companies also don't perform background checks also. But the real fact is that companies are performing background checks seriously to hire the right candidates for the right job. A false resume can help you to get selected in your job but in long run it will creates bad impression if the employers finds that the information you have provided is not prompt.

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