Is it the time for appraisal? Take a look at this

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Doing a personal assessment is very important for each and every employee as it is a part of the performance appraisal process. Filling up a personal assessment form will give the employers a clear idea on how worth the employee is and they can rate the employee based on the assessment form. Getting a good appraisal will also depend on how the employee efforts are listed on paper and summarized to show his/her measurable progress. Summarizing all the accomplishments concisely is a big challenge to the employees.


Here are some suggestions on what should be included in the personal assessment form to make it effective:

List all the responsibilities:First, take a look at all the work you have undertaken and also remember to include all the additional work you have done in other projects. Mention all the tasks in which you were a part of it all during the year. Before measuring your performance, have a discussion with your manager on the tasks that were assigned to you. Performance management will help you in listing out your responsibilities clearly and concisely.

Include your accomplishments:Mentioning responsibilities is not just enough, it is also important to include accomplishments what all you achieved in the year. Summarizing all your years efforts will definitely make a difference. Avoid writing lengthy paragraphs and try to present all your accomplishments in a concise manner, focusing on formatting. Start with major accomplishments that added a great value to the company and then continue with minor ones.

Mention your goals clearly:It is good to include your goals and also mention what are the areas you want to improve in the coming years. Goal setting will make the employer think that you have a clear vision on your career. It will be good if you can mention that you are interested to have a long term association with the company.

Proof read the document:Finally, before submitting the document, proof read it and check that you have not missed out anything. See that you have filled all the sections and avoid spelling, grammar and formatting mistakes. Single mistake can ruin all your efforts of getting appraisal as the form will translate your words in to figures. So, be careful and ensure that you include all your core accomplishments clearly in the performance assessment form.

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