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Attempting many interviews but not able to fit in to employers expectations. There will be different perspective from a jobseekers perspective to an employer. There will be different reasons for not getting selected in an interview. It is also important to know what employers look for candidates to get selected. Below facts will help you to know what employers look for.


Your confidence:Many jobseekersthought that they have good academic qualifications and experience and it may make all the difference in any interview they will go. But openness and honesty are the important factors in determining the results of an interview. If you are a highly qualified person with lack of basic things you will be disqualify for the position you applied.

General view:Many jobseekers also thought that their resume is the first point to create impression. It is correct but it will help you to win first round only. Resume is not enough to decide your candidature but also your abilities, needs and vision should match that of the organization.

Communication skills:Employers always prefer to choose a person with rightcommunication skillswith a clear language and who speaks in a business language. Employers thought that people who know more about their business will able to understand the working process of the organization and avoids misunderstanding.

Flexibility:This is the primary factor which organizations looking for candidates and helps to grow them in organization. Be flexible and ready to work from bottom level in organization if your get a chance to do like that. Don't show any rigidness towards the work assigned.

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