Interview: Are you talking without giving a chance to interviewer?

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You are answering very confidently in an interview and talking for a long time without giving a chance to speak interviewers. Speaking confidently in front of interviewers is good but you should know when to stop talking and when to speak, then only it adds value to your words. It happens in many interviews that candidates expect that interviewers will satisfy with their response. But the fact is that your answers should be up to the point and satisfy the interviewers to go to the next question.


If you give lengthy and long answers then it doesn't satisfy the interviewers and strengthen your position. It creates an impression that you're diverting from the actual answers than required one. So you should know when to stop talking in an interview. Below reasons may consider as you are giving long and lengthy answers to pave the path in an interview:

It shows you are lagging out of focus:If you provide very up to date and crisp answer then interviewer my thought that you are not able to explain your professionalcommitments and achievements in a great way. Why do we hire you? This is the most common question asked in any interview and your answer should be in a clear and crisp and interviewer should think that you are on the right path to select the job.

Going away from the important point:If you give long and lengthy answers it disturbs the flow of questions prepared by interviewers and there may be chances of leaving some questions unasked. There may be chances that the interviewer may not satisfy with your answers.

Project you as less confident:Most of the times interviewers kept silence to test you confidence levels. Some questions like Tell about your weakness? Will create a dilemma to answer for this question. Here interviewers will be silent and test your confidence levels and your comfort zone in answering this question. If you answer with more ease and reasoning then it will add value to your interview.

Answering tricky questions:Interviewers ask some tricky questions to,determine your ability in stress full conditions or situations. The more you feel stress in these conditions the more chances of speaking more. When you are asking for any question with sufficient answer then stop for a while and give a chance to interviewers to continue. You may ask some questions like this answer you are expecting me to provide So it will create professional impression that you are on the track.

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