Careers in Yoga: 5 Yoga careers you must try

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Careers in Yoga: 5 Yoga careers you must try

The global job market is experiencing the changes for both freshers and experienced professionals. So, you need to try something different to get good career opportunities. The year 2019 is creating new jobs which are creative and unusual. Health & wellness sector is creating intensified opportunities in terms of job roles and pay scale. Diets, celebrity health profiles and a desire to achieve good health has created opportunities for new health jobs and programs. The growth in these sectors has increased opportunities for trained professionals, healers, and Gurus.

Careers in Yoga 5 Yoga careers you must try

So, the yoga industry has seen demand for health vacations, Yoga retreats and wellness programs. Here are 5 yoga careers that you must try to enhance your profile.

1.Yoga teacher

The art of yoga &meditation doesn’t mean learning yoga poses and techniques but also mean that it creates positive attitude and desire to help people. If you have desire to teach abroad, corporate houses or online tutoring then this article will help you to try Yoga careers.

Search for the jobs such as “Yoga Teacher”, “Yoga Instructor” on job portals.

2. Studio Manager

Studio manager is one profile that polish their people skills, boost confidence, and prepare them for more client-oriented roles. It would help you too improve your skills if you join a studio or someone else’s venture as a Yoga Studio Manager. The job role of a studio manager includes to help manage classes, take care of merchandise, interact with clients and help them on a spiritual level and even train students on techniques.

Search for Studio Manager’, ‘Yoga Studio Manager’ job roles on any job portal.

3. Yoga festivals organiser

Take the advantage of yoga skills and grow your professional profile by organising a Yoga festival event. Use your yoga teacher training courses to polish your management skills. These yoga festivals are conducted across the global countries, you will get an opportunity to experience different cultures and experiences.

Search for various internship programs on job portals or websites related to yoga activities.

4. Therapists

Yoga has been viewed as a direct way to get the level of flexibility, slender body, and luscious skin.However, yoga has great effect on mental health that need to be addressed at its full potential. A yoga therapist is a one person who will help you come out from physical and mental fitness issues.

Search for the yoga therapist jobs on any job portal.

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