Important skills required to get good paying engineer job at Google

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Google is the most demanding company in world and it is also stated as the best paying company in world and selected by many survey findings. Engineers are most valuable source of Google and they are also paid like that only.Google pay packages include with the starting range of $70,000 to $90,000 salaries and $118,000 for senior software engineers. But it is not an easy task to get selected for the jobs of Google. Every year company use to get 2.5 million job applications and 4000 of them get shortlisted from them.

Important skills required to get good paying engineer job at Google

To increase the confidence levels of job seekers and to select more candidates Google has created a list of skills to be selected for Google jobs. The primary criteria to get selected for the job is having a solid foundation in computer science are important in being a successful software engineer.

Below skills are important for get selected for Google jobs:

Learn coding: Learn to code in one of the object oriented programming language like C++, Java, or Python. Consult MIT or Udacity.

Testing code: Testing code is almost important of learning code. Google wants to learn their employees to test code and catch bugs create tests, and make error free software.

Foundation foe abstract math: Google works include lots of computer science draw on and it is must to have knowledge on abstract math, like logical reasoning and discrete math.

Know about operating systems: Know about different types of operating systems to work more.

Get to know about artificial intelligence: Robots Is most lovable intelligence tool and you need to be get familiar with artificial intelligence to get good job in Google.

Try to understand about algorithms and data structures: If you know basic data types like stacks, queues and bags as well as grasp sorting algorithms like quicksort, mergesort and heapsort it will be an advantage to you.

Learn Cryptography: Learning cryptography will help you to get job.

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