How toget a job after a break?

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Getting back to work after a career break is not an easy task. Irrespective the reasons many employees prefer to work after a long break. If you too are planning to take U turn after a long break, here are few things to keep in mind. Let’s start with the highly effective 10 steps to get a job after a career break.

How toget a job after a break?

Assess your situation

Before you start applying for jobs, think about that how the career gap affected your skills and knowledge. Once you get an idea where you are lacking then it becomes easier to solve the issue and overcome it. Apply few techniques such as SWOT analysis to know your strengths and opportunities, and plan your job search accordingly.

Plan for the return after a break

Once you are decided to restart your career then weigh all your options and the sectors you wish to work. Update yourself on latest technology and emerging trends happening in the industry. You can gather the information with internet and social media platforms. Follow social media pages of your dream companies to tune with the changes happening in the market.

Hone your skills

To get back in to the work environment you can opt freelancing or volunteering and internships to get habituated to the work life. Also prefer short term online courses, both free and paid.

Update CV and Cover letter

Use your career break as a weapon to impress potential employers. Write about the new skills learned during your break and add a cover letter. Take professional resume writing services from wisdom jobs if required.


Once you decide you restart your career, reach out to all contacts including previous colleagues, clients, friends, and family. Create your profile on online job portals like wisdom jobs will boost your chances of getting hired.

Interview preparation

Prepare well for most common interview questions and answers related to your job role. Also prepare for the questions related to career break.

References and certificates

Having a reference or letter from your ex-bosses or colleagues will project your credibility in front of the potential employers.

Search by keyword

Use targeted keywords to search relevant jobs on job portals. Also use career break keyword to find the suitable roles. Be confident and start applying for jobs.

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