How to write an interview winning resume?

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How to write an interview winning resume?

A resume may be 2-3 pages but it is a powerful tool to that can bridge your career path in a right direction. The question how to write an interview winning resume may provide many hints to write your resume carefully. When you are come across an interesting job opportunity which you are always wanted to work for. Here point is how would you get shortlisted fir the job from the equally potentially candidates applied for the same job. Your resume is the best platform to stand out among the applied candidates and get a call for your job interview. Here are few tips on how to write an interview winning resume.

How to write an interview winning resume?

Tip1: Choose an appropriate resume format

As we know there are three types of resume formats known as reverse chronological, functional, and combination. Among these reverse chronological resumes showcase your work and educational history, functional resumes are used to highlight specific skills and accomplishments. While combination of reusme formats are used to put equal emphasis on skills as well as academic & educational history.

Tip2: Give a Proper Structure to the Resume

Once you have pickedup a proper resume format then the next step isyour information clearly and properly. Select one suitable reusme sample format with information structure you may try and see for yourself whether it works or not.

Tip #3: Pay Attention to the Length & Formatting

Make sure that your resume must not exceed more than 2 pages. Add relevant information related to your job and work experiences that will help you highlight why you are eligible for the job you are applying for.

Tip 4: Tailor Your Resume

Tailor your resume according to the job description of each job you are applying for. The primary thing is read the job description carefully and pick out some keywords/ key skills for adding in your resume.

Tip5: Prepare a Professional Cover Letter

Write a suitable cover letter which adds valueto your resume.

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