How to write an impressive cover letter?

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Cover letter is a brief introduction to rest of your profile in hiring process. It highlights your skills and targets exactly the specifications of the job which you are applying for. Cover letter is the first impression you will make and it also demonstrates your value to the employers. It projects your aptness for the desired job openings.


Benefits of cover letter:

  • Markets your skills and conveys your interest in the company
  • Provide additional keywords that target the employers needs
  • Showcase your communication skills
  • Catch the employers immediate interest is the ultimate goal of the cover letter
  • It gives you a chance to highlight your name in front of the employer

Cover letter should include below points:

  • Contact the concerned person of the organization and know the contact person name. If you don't get the person name mention Dear Hiring team and send the resume along with cover letter.
  • It should address the appropriate person
  • It explains the facts why you are applying for the job
  • The cover letter should convince the employer to see your resume
  • Your cover letter should reflect your attitude, personality and other skills.
  • You can also mention the referred person name in the cover letter.
  • Give specific attention to the elements of your background.
  • Limit the cover letter to one page which may include 2 to 3 paragraphs.
  • Never use the word more than 3 to 4 times. Use My instead of for better results.

DO's of cover letter:

  • Proof read carefully before sending the cover letter
  • Send separate cover letter for each application
  • Never enclose a photograph with your cover letter, unless you are a celebrity
  • Use simple and clear language to communicate
  • Keep a copy of resume and cover letter with you

Don'ts of cover letter:

  • Don't write a department name or a designation
  • Don't use Dear sir sometimes the readers might be women also.
  • Don't over use the word
  • Be honest while expressing your views.
  • Don't stretch on any particular aspect.
  • Don't forget to the sign the letter

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