How to write a student resume?

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How to write a student resume?

Writing a resume is achallenging task for freshers and experienced professionals. It is more daunting task for students or college graduates with no work experience who talk about the resume. If you understand what to write in a resume, then how to write a resume is an easy part.

How to write a student resume?

What to include in a student resume?

Here are some tips to include in a student resume.

Put the qualification summary first

Adding the qualification summary at the top instead of objective summary is moreimportantwhen you are writing a student resume. When you are starting your carer journey, you are not sure about your career goals. After some years you may gained some work experience to achieve the short term and long-term goals. This gives clear picture about qualification summary and also talks about what they can offer to the employers rather than writing a vaguestatement.

Explain your educationalbackground

Educational background is the most important asset for any student to old employers’ attention.

Your educational sections bringstudents to understand about howyouwill bring value to theirorganisation. You can include your areas of study, yourequationaldetails, GPAscored, academic recognition/achievementsyou received during your education.

Add the righty keywords

The most important rule for writing any level resume is that optimising it to make it ATS friendly and for studentresumes. Make sure that your application reaches the employers and relevant keywords in your resume.

List out relevant skills

Adding a skills section in your resumewill benefit you in two ways. First it helps in locating ATS and finding about understanding the job role you are applying for.

Talk about internships, volunteer work and work experience

Do not forget to add relevant work experiencesuch as internships or other work experience.

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