How to Write a Resignation Letter?

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Got a new job? Or a better offer than the current one?

- Are you thinking of moving to a new job? Or to quit your job?

- The next step is Leaving your job on a positive note which is always a best way. Passing over the news in a proper formalresignation letteris the most effective and harmless way. The change should be happening in a good note, and that's what a proper resignation letter does which helps in keeping up good relationship with your boss, receiving a good suggestion/backup letter and softening the further process. This might be an important document to be submitted at your new office.

Tips on How to Write a Resignation Letter

Experts suggest that keeping the resignation letter in a short and focused way always benefits. One must be sure only to mention the positive things rather than combining both the cons and pros at the present organization. Appreciating the present organizations help and the experience you have gained in the organization would create a positive impact in your resignation letter. Specifying the date of resignation, reason you are leaving, along with the notice period which you would like to serve would make your resignation a healthier one. Writing a resignation would be a confusing one at most of the times. However it's good to keep a positive thought process when it comes to make your present job a past one.

Some tips on writing sample Resignation letter:

  1. Being brief and up to point.
  2. Avoid the exact reason for resignation if appears negative.
  3. Don't go emotional over your resignation.
  4. Better to thank the employer for the provided opportunity.
  5. Offer help during your transition timing.
  6. Don't speak about your frustration in the resignation letter.
  7. Adopting a friendly or formal tone helps out.
  8. Being positive always helps and makes unbeatable.
  9. Close the letter warmly.
  10. Let the employer know that you will be available in future if needed.

Above tips can help you in writing a resignation letter successfully, and its suggested to follow some sample resignation formats mentioned below for writing better resignation letters.

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