How to Write a Joining Letter

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Joining letter sample:

Joining letter sample is a soft copy document that states the candidate’s acceptance towards the offered job. When an employer selects a candidate for the job posted, recruiter sends an or offer letter (letter of intent) to the candidate, after receiving the letter of appointment from the employer, if the candidate wishes to join then he/she expresses their acceptance regarding the terms and conditions of the job through an e-mail. Candidate is free to reject the offer if the job does not meet his/her requirements. In short, joining letter is a letter of confirmation by the employee.

Joining letter format for an employee

Joining letter format for an employee:

Joining letter format for an employee is a soft copy of an email addressed to the employer which shows the declaration by the employee that he/she wants to join the organization. Joining letter format for an employee is only required when he/she is willing to accept the job offer from the employer. Many organizations have their own format of joining letter and the candidate just only needs to fill the empty fields and submit them.

How to write a joining letter is based on employee’s terms that is with reference to the received offer letter and written form of joining letter mainly contains the employee's date of joining.

Sample Joining Letter:

Joining letter format

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