How to use social media to find freelancing jobs?

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Now social media is the important tool for many assignments like finding jobs and explore skills and social networking with the same kind of communities. Now social media is a platform for many things like a marketing tool for selling your product and promoting your website in a different action. Many startup companies and freshly started businesses have been starting their works to market their products and selling their unique functionalities in a unique way. If you start promotion through your website sit takes time to create traffic but social media pages like face book, twitter is easy to promote in less investment.


In facebook it is very use to create traffic with existing setup and networking. Whether you're selling a physical product or your skills as a freelancer, knowing how to use social media marketing, particularly in Facebook and Twitter, is now an essential skill. As pre the studies 63.5 percent of internet users in India are using face book as social media platform and considering it as the biggest social network in country. According to real-time statistics researcher Social bakers, this could be a good time to be a freelancer or an entrepreneur on social networks. Below tips may useful to build your social media presence on facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

Be the expert:Explain your works and post them on social media to promote them on right track. If you are a blogger then share your blog postings on facebook and if you are a web designer share your designed web sites to get freelancing works.

Discuss about your projects:When you are going for a startup job then you will put all your works on your resume and now social media is the platform to use publicize your works and post regularly about the work you do, several times every day. Many people posts minimum a five posts a day about their projects including pics, videos and others.

Change your mugshot:Change your mugshot as it is very small but it tells a lot about your profile when someone searching about your profile. Your personality, and even the kind of work you might be doing, is formed from that mugshot, so keep it clean and professional.

Join in right groups:You are a freelancer and you know about the companies where you want to work so make a list companies names where you want to work with. Follow them on Twitter and add them on Facebook, not just LinkedIn. Many freelancing opportunities are available for Web developer Jobs.

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