How to use punctuations in a resume?

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We know very well that a resume with impressive looks, a good cover letter with required info and up to the point LinkedIn profile help you to win your dream job. Loading your profile with great emphasis on keywords, accomplishments and metrics make you fit for the position you offer.


Punctuation play key role in resume short listing process and many of us overlooked using punctuations properly. Punctuation doesn't mean that starting with a capital letter and ending with a gap. But this is not right, true is that text in your profile is packed with loads of information which distort your meaning, or worse: cause the reviewer to pause in confusion. It communicates wrongly to recruiters and also questions about your communication skills, pay attention details and other skills required for today's work place. Use punctuations properly and go to the extra mile with below tips:

Capital letters:Use capital letters for important sentences and section headings to highlight the importance of a word in the sentence. Too many important words down the attention of reader by forcefully. Sometimes it is mentioned that Expertise in marketing, sales and advertisement. You can try by using Expertise in marketing, sales, advertisement. You can also capitalize some words like which don't appear at beginning sentence. Your job title for each position you have listed on your resume should be highlighted. When you add references add capital letters to the person's name follows referring to the position.

Hyphens:Use hyphens before noun likePart-time employment and mid-senior-level management. It is also suggested that not to use hyphen when first word ends with ly highly qualified candidate.

Semicolons:These are used to separate the list of items which are included comma.

Colons:Colons are useful in a sentence when second clause is directly related to first. Technically strong in using skills: java, php.

Commas:Using serial commas in your resume will really help you to get understand more.

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