How to take legal Action Against Absconding Employee?

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Absconding is the most unethical and unprofessional way to separate from a company. The absconders never bother to give an explanation of separation to the employer which ends up leaving a negative impression. This is why most of the HR managers are really scared of absconding issues. If an employee decides to abscond, it is very important to understand his intentions and motives. Employees can leave suddenly in either or all situations like, after stealing the confidential documents or information or database from the company, If the intentions of an employee is to commit a crime, If there are a stress and work-pressure and the individual is not able to cope-up with it, If the employee has committed any crime outside the office and after working hours, when employee has asked for leave due to some emergency at his home and at the same time his team also needs him in the office and his leaves are not approved, If he has got some extremely good opportunity that requires him to join immediately and he feels that the procedure of separation in his organization is a bit too complicated etc.


Legal action against absconding employee:

Legal action against absconding employee who resigns and fails to provide with the minimum period of notice, there are several actions that need to be taken, and there is also usually a frustration or emotional fallout at the sudden departure. The employer may send out a legal notice for violation of employment terms and also claim compensation for any loss that employer may have suffered due to unfinished work. As everyone knows, legal procedures are time-consuming, long drawn and are more of an ethical high and might serve as a caution to existing employees against leaving suddenly. The other actions against absconding employee include avoiding issuing exit related documentation like relieving letter, full & final settlement statement, service or experience certificate, and mark that employee as an absconder.

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919 days ago

Can legal action be taken if Employee leaves after compensating the employer due to genuine reasons and keeping the employer fully informed that he is unable to continue service?

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923 days ago

I'm Employee of one97 Communication My team leader was making unethical Behavior and attitude Lott of Pressure, and partiality.. I was Rood for His Behavior and know he did me Absconding. How can I get my salary and Reliving letter Is there any Legal way to take Salary

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Drishan Saikia
1118 days ago

What are the action against IFBI intern abscond from icici bank? or he/ she will be eligible for applying any banking job in future?

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