How to speak in a JAM session?

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How to speak in a JAM session?

With a very essential topic which every job seeker comes across during job hunting that is JAM session. In order to land a job, every candidate must be perfect in knowing of how to speak in JAM session.

So, this article will give you the entire overview about the JAM session along with the top-notch and significant tips about speaking in the JAM session.

How to speak in a JAM session

What is a JAM session?

“Just A Minute” is usually abbreviated as JAM. It is used to screen the candidates in a very first round by the recruiters. It is used as an elimination round to eliminate the unsuitable candidates.

How important it is?

Jam is as important as your main interview is. Because if you are eliminated during this Jam session, you won’t be able to perform and attend further interview.

In order to test the communication skills, most of the companies nowadays conduct the Jam session during a professional job interview.

Though companies generally are hiring the candidates who have broad knowledge, great skills and needed experience in the required industry. But when there is an excess number of desired profile candidates availableapplying for the job then they would love to select those who are most eligible and have extra additional qualities and skills like communication skill apart from required skills. Therefore they conduct Jam session. And it is so important to clear this session.

Required skills to have to clear Jam session

Excellent communication skills

Good listening skills

High confidence

General knowledge

Grasp on general topics

Flow of thoughts

Flow of speech

Good sense of humor

Idea about current affairs

Etiquettes and manners of healthy speaking

And time management

Apart from all these above skills, you have to be a quick thinker. The ability of quick thinking is a must during Jam sessions as you have to recollect and relate the information and share the knowledge about the topic you have been given.

To clear a Jam session, you must be able to learn how to organize the flow of your thoughts and you should be able to apply logic and you should sound convincing to the audience who are listening. And obviously, you should improve your speaking skills as well.

Top-notch tips on how to speak in a Jam session

Listed below are the most significance tips about speaking in a Jam session and you must follow these tips in order to ensure your success in a Jam session.

Begin it with a thanking note

First of all, you must be thankful to them for giving you the opportunity to speak before them.

So, you may start your conversation by saying

“Hi/Hello! Thank you the panel and audience present over here to let me speak…” . Then you can start your topic.

Keep your introduction as short as possible

Then after a thanking note, you can briefly introduce yourself. As you know every candidate gets a very limited time to speak, so you must not ruin all your time in introducing you. Keep it a bit short. Just tell them your name and start further conversation about the topic you have been given.

Be confident, smile and don’t be nervous

Even a little bit nervousness can ruin your performance as hell. So be confident and when you get nervous, smile. As smile can win your nervousness.

When you don’t remember something and you are trying to remember something, just take poses saying like “Ummm… well” or “Aaahh. Don’t be silent for a long time.

Speak with a clear audible voice

During describing your topic, you must speak with a clear, and a bit high pitched voice. Ensure that you don’t have to scream and shout when describing your topic. You just need an audible voice so that everybody can listen what you are saying easily.

Fluency and pronunciation

During your speech, you should be fluent when speaking. Fluency and Pronunciation plays a crucial role in your presentation.

Use simple language defining your topic

Always use simple and easy to get language during speaking. Using very high, tough and typical words and vocabulary may not be good for you as you are just supposed have an ability of putting your thoughts and describing your topic which everyone can understand. So use simple language and easily understandable words.

Use grammar precisely

Be ensure about the sentence structure and phrases you are using. And use correct grammar and try to avoid classical and typical words. Keep it simple.

Though anybody can mistake while speaking your non-native language but try to keep grammar mistake as less as you can.

Avoid repeating your ideas

While speaking, you must avoid repeating your ideas and same thing again and again. Also, avoid using same words again and again.

Content should be simple and good

Keep your content easy to understand for all the audience present over there. Never try to make it complex as hell.

Just keep it simple and good so that can deliver it in the given time.

Show positive attitude

You should always demonstrate positive attitude towards everything you say during your Jam. In any organization, every employee looks forward to the members who are full of positive spirits and cooperative nature.

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