How to Retain Older Employees?

Posted on 21st Apr 2015 | 1117 views

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According to the finding of a recent study, employee populations are aging, employers aren't doing much to retain or recruit older workers. It is also found that organizations are not taking any steps to fill the potential skill gaps as the employees become old or retire. But HR professionals believe that older employees bring advantages to the organization with their rich work experience and strong ethics. If older employees are experienced and ethical then why aren't retained?

Flexible job opportunities: The main reason behind this is that older employees look for more flexibility which is very difficult to retain them. Some job roles may not offer this kind of flexibility options like as working from home, less possibilities,less working hours and job sharing. Most of the employers prefer to recruit and retain millennial, but it is also fact that flexible work options required for all age groups. Even some companies are encouraging older employees by providing training efforts, being flexible about employees taking on new roles and advancing, and mentoring opportunities. Many older people want work for long hours due to better health and financial reasons, and unavailability of enough talent in the pipeline to replace the gaps.

Supporting facilities at office: Experts say that companies should offer flexibility options along with accommodation as well. They should also invest in innovative and useful technology that helps their older working population. Arranging the large computer monitors for those with vision loss, amplified phones for hearing loss, ergonomic desks and chairs for those with arthritis to provide supportive work environment to keep workers longer. Also share their knowledge through mentoring programs or data repository. Some companies instituted a dedicated website for older employees to share their knowledge.

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