How to request for relieving letter after resignation

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Relieving letter request:

Relieving letter request is a type of formal letter asking the employer to relieve the employee from his/ her duties. Relieving letter is on the same day of the resignation. It is illegal to maintain different jobs at the same time, so relieving letters are used as a proof for these reasons. An employee writes a request letter to relieve him/ her form their duties along with resignation. The employer issues a relieving letter to the employee when he/ she leaves the company. If the relieving letter is not issued after resignation then the company still considers him/ her as part of the team.

Application for relieving letter

Request for relieving letter after resignation:

Request for relieving letter after resignation is a formal request letter addressed to the company to relieve the concerned employee from their duties after the acceptance of his/ her resignation.When an employee resigns a job and he/ she has to work for a notice period as per the term of appointment, then they write a letter of request to issue them a relieving letter as a proof for accepting their resignation.

Application for relieving letter is a form that is is to be filled by the employee and should be submitted along with the resignation so that the company accepts their resignation and issues a formal letter to relieve them from their corresponding duties.

Several MNCs are when recruiting a new employee, they are asking for relieving letter from the employee's previous company. Relieving letter is proof that the employee has left his/ her old job.

Relieving letter request format is a documented request form written by an employee to the employer stating that he/ she has submitted their resignation and wants the company to formally accept their resignation and issue a relieving letter so that the issued letter is used as a future reference for finding new jobs. Relieving letter format contains employees working period and date, time of relieving from their duties. If there is notice period, then the employee should work for notice period to get the relieving letter.

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